Doctor Who: Even if you’re an average person with an unexciting life, something fantastic will happen and you can challenge yourself.

Moffat Who: You gotta be hot and raised under magical circumstances so some day a megalomaniacal alien will notice you

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xAaaaaand this is why I have bought saved up money on ridiculously expensive DVDs of RTD era who xyet I am not going to spend a penny buying something that just makes me frustrated xanti Moffat xqueue've been looking. you like it


RTD-Era Meme

7 outfits: [5/7] My 6 favourite Tenth Doctor outfits

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xHaha YES orange spacesuit ftw! xalso I will just take this moment to say how much I loved how john smith have us the opportunity to see the doctor in other clothes xI enjoy the smile things in life xsuch as housecoats xten xqueue've been looking. you like it

I repainted this drawing from january 2014.
Want a painting?
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xOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH xpretty xten x rose xthis is really lovely xqueue've been looking. you like it

Rose Tyler Appreciation Week: Day 1
-Moment you fell in love with Rose

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October 2, 2014

A brief history
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happy tennant tuesday
↳david tennant + ready steady cook

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xthis was fantastic xand he sounds SO MUCH like his dad!! xand he's as useless in the kitchen as i am xwhich warms my heart

i was tagged by tinyconfusion, wholockedhermit AND rexalexander (I feel very loved. Especially seeing as I’ve mostly been non-existent because of school)

We’re gonna play a new game called Top 10 TV shows because there’s one for films. Write down your top shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same. 10 favourite TV shows (in no particular order): 

  1. Doctor Who (okay that one was a bit obvious…)
  2. Takin’ Over the Asylum (I can NOT talk about my love for this show enough! The characters, the wonderful storyline and just EVERYTHING that pulled at my heartstrings in the best way)
  3. Gilmore Girls (I LOVE this show and I loved watching the whole series at least twice over with my mom)
  4. Scrubs (I swear, JD was based off of my exact way of thinking)
  5. Torchwood (Depressing as heck, and I love it)
  6. Pushing Daisies (nothing can get me excited about a show quite like innocent, upbeat morbid humour)
  7. Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Billie Piper is absolutely amazing and I love her character)
  9. Blackpool (Not least of all because of DT, but I really loved it overall. And yes, especially the singing)
  10. Star Trek: Voyager (Yes, I am in fact, a minor trekkie. But I watched this show so much when I was growing up that it needs a spot on the list)

Okay so I’m awful at tagging people, and I think this post has mostly done the rounds, but if you are one of my followers who has NOT been tagged, consider it done. Now someone please make me do my homework.

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xIT'S SO HARD TO NUMBER THESE xi'll have you know that 4 to 9 are all loved equally xso if you ever want to entice me to watch something with you... xtry one of these xme


The Doctor loved River. He married her!
The Doctor can never see Amy or Rory again because reasons.
Clara survived the Doctors time stream and remembers nothing because reasons.
Clara loves the Doctor or the Doctor loves Clara….?

The War Doctor.
The Doctor never destroyed Gallifrey. He would never do that!
Having never destroyed Gallifrey takes nothing away from the stories of the 9th Doctor or 10th Doctor.
Clara convinces the Time Lords to give the Doctor more regenerations because…love?
After knowing he didn’t burn his planet the Doctor celebrates his new regeneration by becoming darker, more alien, and shows this by being mean to humans because…he’s an old alien and that makes it ok…?
When people try to explain all of the above to me.


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xyup xi'm in a sort of state of everything just kinda going in and then passing right out of what i accept as canon xsomeday hopefully all this will be glossed over and forgotten just as moffat's done to all of Who that he hasn't written

goodbye, ten
goodbye, ten
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xten xNO xSADNESS xdoctor who
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